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From the perverts who brought you COLLEGEFUCKFEST.COM, comes a brand new twist to the game of public fucking! Explore all the nasty things that a stripper will do to keep her job. The owner believes that strippers are a dime a dozen and forces them to put out or get the fuck out! Watch these strippers suck and fuck to keep their jobs at "STRIPCLUBEXPOSED!"


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That's me getting fucked for my birthday. These two have been on my shit list for a couple of weeks. Its a good thing they fucked me cus, i was going to fire those stripper sluts.


These stripper whores think they can come and go as they please? fuck that! I have customers to keep happy! I say, "you lick bush today. or i fire your stripper asses! lesson learned.


The girl on her back is one of my strippers, the girl eating is a girl that comes in alot! I offered my stripper $1000 to try to get her to come up on stage. Who knew she was a bush licker! It was a nice surprise.


That's me fucking Nikki, one of my strippers. She's been late twice this week. Time to pay for it! tell her to fuck me in front of everyone or she goes back to chicago.

LENA Fucks For Fun!!!

Yes, you've seen her before! it's because she's a porn star! She was over feature dancer a couple of weeks age. She didn't get enough in her day job i guess.


These girls were both born to suck a dick! They might be a good at dancing, but the "Job" is deep throating my friends cock!


This fucking guy must have just won the lottery the way he was dropping cash! I told him, "Give me $500 and i'll make her masterbate for you", of course he accepted!

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This onw of my "Super Money" strippers. She pulls at least $1800 a night without even giving a handjob. But if she's sucking and fucking in the couch dance room. She's pulling $3400 of course i get mine for free.

<< Back To Previous Page Contains 100% real students, going to real colleges, shot in real frat houses. At first they are a bit shy, but as the night goes on, they open up (literally) and they get really wild..

All that sun must be doing wonders on those college babes in Touscon, AZ. We hooked up with one girl that was a fuckin hell cat but didn't want to be filmed. But no worries, we led her to a room with 3 hidden cams. We didn't miss a beat. Watch as she sucks and fucks Micah's friend.. JOIN NOW .

We've hit the mother load. There was so much pussy at this party you could smell it's sweet scent in the air. And two tits per chick is a lot of fuckin’' titties. Rey hooked up with a little Latina chick for a quick blowjob, and John hooked up with a euro-chick for a quick fuck.. JOIN NOW .

Tons of tits again. The babes are hotter than ever, and the pussy is dripping wet. Drunk lesbians lick each other on the mouth, and some drunk chick grinds all over Wayne. Dicks get sucked, and pussy gets fucked. What more could you ask for.. JOIN NOW .

More wild action from the coast. It must be the water that makes these girls so horny, then again maybe it's the beer. Tyler and Lisa get it on, they have wanted to fuck for us several times before. Lisa finally gets her wish, and she also gets a steamy load of cum to clean up.. JOIN NOW .

Nice big tits at this frat party, Josh couldn't score so he had to pay a chick at the party to fuck him. Her pussy was wet before he offered to pay this little college slut. Good times. Hot latina ass, big ass tits, and beautiful college girls I wanted to fuck them all.Josh got himself a nice tight pussy to fuck.. JOIN NOW .

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Mirna doesn't know much English, but she knows how to fuck! This little nasty nubie take a cock like a pro.

Mona Liza is a total nubie our crew found at the beach. It's pretty cool when a girl just has a natural craving for cock. We talked her into getting it in the ass too!

Debby loves the white dick! She sucks and fucks him till he dumps a load on face. This girl takes it in the ass like no other.

Is she hot or what? This girl is a total fucking sex fiend. She did anal with such ease, that we swear she was born with a dick in her ass!

These 2 love to work as a team and they BOTH take in the ass individually. Nice huh? Nice asses, tight young pussies getting drilled.

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